Mar 6, 2011

Looking for guest bloggers and growth

When this blog began, it was with the sole intention of bringing readers to other works published online. While that goal is still true, the possibility was also explained to me of how I can earn from advertising, and also how I can do some good by having guest bloggers come on board.

So, I'm opening the doors to call folks in. Guest bloggers are being sought. There have already been three guest blogger invitations sent out. One was to my own daughter (Y'all will love what she has to share), another to my Aunt (She says “Sure send it,” to everything I tell her about. She's a good writer, though.), and a third was just sent to a friend and fellow blogger, who may just really catch your attention.

I'm still hoping to find others, but I'm finicky. There won't be a bunch of spam and crap here. For starters, I understand not everyone is a native English speaker. But if your work is worse than that of the average Maori tribesman, I won't let you here. So, if you ask to guest blog, and I don't already know you, I'll need to see a sample of other work.

Next is decency. I'm no prude, but since I do have my kids reading this sometimes, I'm going to insist on nothing “adult.” No porn, adult stories, or links to porn.

Other than that, fellow blog authors are welcome to comment below with the email address they want an invitation sent to (I won't publish it) and a link to their blog. As soon as you want, you can be building up back-links from here, too. And you'll be doing me a solid too.

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