Mar 6, 2011

List Makers Wanted at Lm5!

Those who hope to earn some income online may be glad to know there's another site looking for writers! This site is pretty unique, though, in that the articles you'll write for aren't your usual pieces. As the name implies, you'll be making lists of "The Top Five" this, or that.

Here's my profile on From there, you'll be able to get a pretty good feel for what the site is like. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the Terms of Service, and the FAQ. Signing up is free and easy. I went to work in five minutes after I joined.

As for how long this site's been around, I'm not entirely sure. But as for how they pay, there's a ten dollar minimum to reach for payout. The company offers revenue share, based on how many readers might visit a sponsor. Contributors there are required to be US residents, unless other arrangements are made with admin, somehow. And if you can't structure a sentence, we'll tell you.

As well, once you publish a list with, you retain ownership of the piece. You can go in and edit, publish it elsewhere, and of course, delete poor performers. The forums are open, also. Admin really pushes for a respectful forum and working environment.

So, give them a try. There's no particular referral link to go through. But my goal is to see the site grow, right now. Now's the time to join! While it's still a bit of a "ground-floor" opportunity, is beginning to rise in Alexa ranking.

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