Mar 29, 2011

If Perez Hilton can do it, what's holding me back?

It seems, the only thing holding me back is, me. I see a guy like Perez Hilton running a popular and successful blog. I see “Mommy Blogs” nearly everywhere. There are people running successful blogs and forums on topics I'm not even familiar with yet. I'm not even aware of how much I don't even know. Y'know?

Still, a blogger like Perez Hilton comes along, and mad page views happen for him. He says something, and folks everywhere share him all over Facebook, or MySpace, or whatever. Somehow, somewhere, some way, I will find the secret to being shared like that. Could the trick be, to be even less intelligent than Perez Hilton, only in my posts? Maybe if all I do is speak in even more ignorant terms, the better of a chance I have to be shared, compared to, and laughed at! Whatever it takes to get the page views from the correct demographics.

If a guy like Perez Hilton can do it, come on! What in the world am I holding back for? My secret might just be to be even more ridiculously pointless. Perhaps even a few cases of running off the point, onto a tangent, every now and again. That's what will keep readers involved. Or, not. Would/Could you just share me on Facebook, please?

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