Mar 30, 2011

Who's up for getting paid to share their blog links?

Regardless of how much you might earn on page views to any of your blogs, sites, or links, imagine – just for a moment – getting paid just to share the links themselves! Just picture how cool of a system it would be, to get paid anything just for sharing your links with our community.

By the way, it's worth mentioning our community is active. If the blog links, pics, video, or audio (content, from here on out) you share is truly unique, informational, and otherwise interesting, our community members will click through. So, not only will you be paid for telling us about your content, those resulting visitors will earn you what they will, too!

How on Earth could/Why would any content producer of any site, blog, or affiliate program anywhere pass on such an incredible arrangement, right? Well, for starters, there are some folks we'd want to keep out. We don't want to let porn spammers in, and gambling is definitely out. Along with those categories, we'd also want to block all sorts of pyramid scheme bullshitters, also. Oh, and sign-up is easy, quick, and 100% free-with-no-commitment, of course. In a perfect world, there wouldn't even be an email newsletter.

So, knowing what you know now, would you like to share your content with such an arrangement? Of course you would! All that's left now then, is for such a site to exist. It'd rock if there were already thousands and thousands of other members already. Sitting there, waiting for me to join and start earning right away.

So then, were such an opportunity to exist, there wouldn't be much reason to not join immediately, right? Passing on a deal like this is akin to walking past found money on the ground, and not bothering to pick it up. We call this opportunity We have been improving. Come try us on for size. See how we can help you make more money, online.

In case you missed it, sign up with our referral link.

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