Mar 28, 2011

Might we also consider what we can sell in an ebook?

I'm considering putting together a compilation of short stories from a variety of authors, in an ebook. No more than perhaps a half dozen others, at most.

Can/Will any few of you contribute one exclusive short story towards a joint venture publishing project? Every participant will have a purchasing readership. Every contributor enjoys earnings from the sales to their own, and everyone else's purchasing readership. I ask for full exclusive publication rights in return for a percentage of all retail ebook sales to all! It's a reasonable offer.

If you know me, you know who I am, and how to reach me. Let's get each other some readers. I'm available at.

1 Whaddya Think?:

Jenny said...

I would like to take part in this challenge. I will do it with it's a PR3,

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