Mar 26, 2011

Fellow bloggers might enjoy the A to Z Challenge! (Thanks M.A.)

April brings with it more than it's fair share of good weather. The month not only brings us our flowers, but the original New Year, brings out a re-birth of our blogging creativity.

That's where the A to Z Blog Challenge comes in. When I listed my first link, I became the 641st participant this year.

Besides maybe a few new readers, taking the A to Z Blog Challenge tightens up your self discipline, generates creativity, and brings a few more network contacts.

If any readers of this post have a blog, come on over, and list yourself, too. It's no charge, but you must commit to the entire month. I'll post something from A to Z throughout the month, but it might not always be text. Feedback and commentary is vital. Won't you share your link there, and in my comments below? You'll love this! It. Will. Rock.

No fees but all of the benefits.

4 Whaddya Think?:

D said...

Friends and readers, if you Tweet this blog, please use

Andrea Coventry said...

I am signing up with three of my blogs:,, and


Arlee Bird said...

Thanks for making this announcement!

Tossing It Out
Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

Christina Majaski said...

Thanks I'm in too. I think.

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