Mar 31, 2011

Moving Janet and I

Today's a big day for both Janet and I. We're moving into a much bigger house. Just our stuff, between the two of us, justifies the room and space needs. But I'm also planning on getting my kids down here for a month or two, soon. They'll need the bedrooms. You know how kids are, all, “But I don't wanna sleep in a tent in the driveway.” So, we need a bigger place.

Not that there's anything wrong with the landlord and management of the Palmetto Creek Apartment Community of DeRidder, Louisiana. They're nice folks, the lawn stays mowed, and the neighbors are excellent. I'm going to sorta miss this apartment, too. But we won't miss the limited floor space. So readers know, we once had our fridge go on the blink, and they put a brand-new fridge in, within three days. That's just how they are.

Everything's turning on in the am, so the online activity today is limited, but I'm meeting the goal for the A to Z Challenge (see previous posts) tomorrow. I just need to click “edit/publish.” Yo.

2 Whaddya Think?:

Be Well said...

Good luck in your new home! Happy you will have the kids too. All the best :)

Be Well said...

Best of luck in your new home! Glad you will have more time with and more room for the kids! All the best :)

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