Mar 28, 2011

Saving your nickels could protect you against a market emergency

How many of us, if given the chance would buy silver dimes and quarters, at double the face face value? We'd buy them out by the warehouse-full if we could, right? How about at 25% face value? What if we could go back through time, and buy any and every single silver coin we could, at face value, and no premium?

It would take a severe condition to keep us from trying, right? Of course. Such a move as hoarding silver dimes and quarters, immediately prior to 1964, would have proven an insanely profitable move for any collector wise enough to have met the challenge. There aren't many other commodities which gain value like the old stand-bys of precious metals like silver and gold.

Here in 201, we Americans are again faced with a similar opportunity. The ubiquitous nickel, according to it's metal melt value, is worth 6.8 cents per nickel, as of this posting. The idea of saving as many nickels as possible, before changes are made to the metals composition are made, will make having a dependable source of the metals nickel and copper on hand, could prove profitable.

At this time, it is illegal to melt down American coinage for it's metal value, and the author advises against it. Still, this is the perfect time to hedge yourself against a rough market, with an easily acquired, on-hand metal coins, like the US nickel.

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