Mar 28, 2011

Now, to tell readers about something worthwhile

Okay, so plenty of you are stepping forward to such a point I'm seeing increases all over my stats page. It's time to spread some gratitude around. First, of course, I gotta say thanks to my readers. not just the new ones, but all of you who've been there from day one. You know who you are.

Next, I must thank my sponsors. If your ad is carried on this page in any way, and you ever happen upon this page, know that - If I could - I'd probably kiss on your big old forehead.

Now, it's time to share someone with you who turns out to be the one who got this all kicked off for me. Her name's Marie Anne St Jean, we call her M.A. You can call her "Cash." That's who you make the checks out to, anyway. Her blog is Write, Wrong, or Indifferent. If any readers happen to write, and you're not familiar with the site, you're really missing out.

Her advice is money-in-your-pocket to writers of all genre. She has resources, and she has contacts. That means, she knows people, people! Seldom will the opportunity be presented to you, if not through an introduction at first.

Follow M.A.'s blog. Those of you who already know M.A. are invited to leave your review of her blog in the comments below.

1 Whaddya Think?:

Marie Anne said...

Thanks, Don. The blog still leaves a lot to be desired at this point, but I'm working on it. Stay tuned!

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