Mar 28, 2011

Well, since Senator David Jabi is on to me.

Well it's over. I went on ahead and let Mr Asshat Iyke know what I've been doing, and sent him the following invite here.

Not that these sorts of assheads will even be grown up enough to respond here. But hell, I'm offering them a chance to #plan #better. #Still #Winning better than Charlie Sheen, the Vatican warlock assassin with the boogers of a seven-year-old. It was fun while it lasted.


I met you in some spam speed-dating session, and want to know if you'd like to read a little blog bout a man named Jed.

The poor mountaineer barely kept a family fed.

Then one day, he was sorting through his spam

Then up come a Nigerian email scam.

our blog exchange origin, the rest of our story plays out in subsequent posts.

You have been a joy of an asshat for me and mine. Heck, you brought me four new readers. That's how interesting you are.

I hope you enjoy. I hope you comment.

-Dad Anus”

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