Aug 11, 2011

Breivik doesn't let Islam off of the hook: All Muslims should read this

Just because the entire civilized world agrees that what Anders Breivik did in Norway was horrible does not, by any means, let Islam off the hook. Muslim leaders are still a bunch of assholes for what they do to their own people.

When Muslim church leaders anywhere demand their obedient followers to sexually mutilate young girls for those primitive religious customs, it's still twisted and sick. When the Qu'ran commands that women be subjugated, as if they're some sort of property and not people, it's still sick. Honor killings have nothing to do with honor.

When violence is committed in the name of Allah-the-imaginary-sky-pimp, it's still nothing more than pointless, murderous violence. Just because some fool in a turban and a dirty beard tells you the voices in his head say it's a good thing, doesn't mean it is.

Just because some old pervert in the desert hundreds of years ago wrote down that it's good t be terrible to others, doesn't make it so. Just because your religious leaders tell you that a book was written by Allah, does not, in any way, shape, form, or fashion mean they are telling you the truth.

I have often criticized Christianity, but only because I was raised a Christian. I was raised a Christian because I was born in a part of the world where Christianity has been the dominant religion. Were I to have been born in the Middle East, it's very likely I would have been raised under Islam, just like the majority of Muslims everywhere. I can only hope that I would be as critical of the bullshit and myths of Islam, as I have been towards Christianity.

Muslims need to understand something. Back when Christianity was as young of a religion as yours is now, they too used the “convert-or-die” marketing approach. In those efforts, a good amount of very terrible things were done on the church's behalf to others. Although those atrocities were committed in the name of the church, they were still very wrong. Those of you Muslims being led to believe violence in the name of Allah to be proper have also been led astray. Your leaders have lied to you, too.

If your God (or your God's spokesperson anyway) is telling you to advance your cause by violence, it is not because your imaginary sky fairy (or his spokesperson anyway) is “mighty.” It is because your God (or his spokesperson anyway) is insane. You do not have to obey, just because they tell you to. Resist the insanity.

Ask yourself this, my Muslim friend: The next time you're in your mosque, and some man is standing in front of you saying he is speaking on your God's behalf; is it really that deity speaking through that man? Or, is it a man telling you he is?

Suppose I were to tell you the spirit of Elvis Presley were speaking through me? Even if I did a real good impersonation of his voice, and had his moves down pat, and even knew facts about his life, does that mean it's really Elvis Presley speaking through me? No. It just means that is what I'm telling you, and nothing more.

So, your prophet Mohammed told you he was inspired by some angel to write down what he did. So what? His claims can neither be proven or disproven, so that worked out for him as a pretty handy way to get a bunch of gullible, primitive desert nomads to hand over their fortunes, their daughters, and very often their lives, to a cult. And now that I have planted the seed of doubt in your heads, it is time for you to begin to question the validity of your religious beliefs as well. Just because what Breivik did was a terrible act, doesn't mean you folks have been any better.

Updated: Although this video was written to Christians, I feel it also applies to Islam. you should understand why your "Submit or be destroyed" bullshit is so readily rejected.

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