Aug 11, 2011

Why are people so nasty to Rebecca Black over 'Friday?'

I admit it. I find the song “Friday” by Rebecca black just awful. But I also find a lot of karaoke performances awful, too. Does that mean I have any sort of a right to attack a bar patron because they stink? No. Obviously not.

So, why are people being so vicious to a kid over one song? Can people really be that shallow? I really hope the flak this kid's catching isn't from grown-ups. Geez!

Another thing folks need to consider is the song content was written and produced by Ark Music. She didn't write it. Some moron who thought he had the pulse of modern American society did. Poor little Rebecca Black just did the best she could with what she was handed.

Rebecca Black's "Friday": Worst Song Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

By the way, anybody besides me think the cameo appearance by the 30-year-old Usher-wanna-be, is...a little creepy? What's a guy that old doing rapping about cruising for 13-year-old girls? Somebody should be watching that guy.

Anyway, back to the subject. Rebecca Black has been decried on YouTube, and harassed by fools to such an extent, her parents have decided to begin homeschooling. Come on, people. You're all getting a little ridiculous. Donchathink?

Besides, her other performances show a lot more talent than she's been credited with, and I think the kid's got a promising future in store for her. I wish her much luck, and think her most vicious critics are, well, weird.

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