Aug 11, 2011

Google+ now offer middle-aged housewives a chance to waste their time with games just like Facebook

Facebook, look out! It seems your niche is being threatened by your biggest rival to date! Now, not only can middle-aged housewives everywhere waste the day away playing games on Facebook, but Google+ is offering games too!

According to the release on The Wall Street Journal online, the newest kid on the block is aiming to tear your playhouse down. Zynga is not being loyal here. It seems they're offering their version of Texas Hold 'em Poker to players over there, too! But they're not alone. Disney's Playdom, and EA Games is in on it, also. GAWD! Is NOBODY loyal anymore?

Just when Facebook thought they had the technologically inept market all wrapped up, Google+ is also in the market for advertising data of the gullible. Will the madness never end?

This is good for bored consumers, though. Now, after a day of throwing away all of the player credits one can get on Facebook, now, they can just go get more on the competitor's site. See? Everybody (but Facebook) wins! Yay!

Just to show the folks at Facebook that the Big G doesn't like other dogs pissing in their yard, Google is offering to let those gaming companies get a better price on all of that nommy data at a better rate. Who knew competition was so fierce in the world of free games?

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