Aug 18, 2011

This is huge; it's not just the flu which might see its last days

When I first heard of this incredibly good news, I wanted to write from the same perspective of what I'd learned myself. But, that's just not cricket, right? So I put it up as coverage of what I knew was going to get most people's attention - the flu.

This is huge news! Look at all the diseases in the world caused by viruses. While I approached this topic from the angle of what it will do for the flu, there are so many more virally-based diseases. Imagine if we finally have a cure for the common cold...AIDS...that's going to be a great day, won't it? I hope you enjoy the piece.

The Cure for the Flu May Be Just Around the Corner on Yahoo News

COMMENTARY | Imagine a drug which kills most viruses. Not just a vaccination which needs to be tweaked each year by scientists hoping to stay one step ahead of each new strain. We're talking about a drug which simply kills most viruses, across the board. Imagine that.

The good news is, so have the scientists of MIT's Lincoln Laboratory. Published on PLoS One, the team consisting of Todd H. Rider, Christina E. Zook, Tara L. Boettcher, Scott T. Wick, Jennifer S. Pancoast and Benjamin D. Zusmanare are reporting a possible new drug that disallows viruses from replicating by causing an infected cell to commit cellular suicide (apoptosis) without harming uninfected cells.

Virus infections prove to be incredibly tricky to fight for a variety of reasons: First, there are lots of them, so what works on one disease might not work on another. Second, they...go here for the rest.

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