Aug 10, 2011

How dark solar panels can help change the world for the better

Dark, or full-spectrum solar panels are specially-built solar cells (gallium arsenide nitride as opposed to the conventional semiconductor, gallium arsenide) which allow for affordable manufacture and production of photovoltaic cells which can produce electricity from the full-spectrum of solar radiation, and not just visible light. This enables humanity for the first time ever, to be able to produce solar electricity whether the sun is up or not. How could something like this change the world? Well, here are a few ideas:

Unlimited, Perpetual, Global Power For All

How much juice can we use? ALL of it! With the ability to produce electricity around-the-clock, and with zero impact on the environment, there are really no limits as to where humanity could go technologically. Or imagine if sufficient juice could be stock-piled, to make a worm-hole, somewhat bigger than a human hair? Full-spectrum solar cells could be the vital catalyst to allow mankind to finally reach the stars.

Technology and Research

How many solutions to the world's problems could be produced, were a sufficient number of Walter-type computers to be asked sufficient questions, by the right people? Imagine what kind of multiple terra-byte laptop people will have when all electricity becomes free(or at least much cheaper), unlimited, and perpetual. Combine full-spectrum solar cells with the recent development of graphene and we could all one day have computers the size of wrist-watches.

No More Electrical Bills

Individual households could be able to perpetually and constantly produce their own electricity to operate, and at maximum capacity. Folks will be inventing all new ways to give their self-produced electricity away. Electricity could end up absolutely free and unlimited for anyone and all.

Flying cars or the equivalent thereof

Massive, unlimited, perpetually produced electricity can also be placed onto personal aerial transportation devices which no longer will need to carry batteries. Personal hovercraft could become the preferred method of individual commute in the future.

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