Aug 9, 2011

Ten great back to school articles

It's getting to be that time again, when parents everywhere are looking for the information they should've remembered from last year, but didn't. Being one of my readers offers you an advantage, though. I know people! Some of my best friends just happen to make a part of their living by helping folks find the information they need! How cool is that! So, I'm bringing you ten articles on the topic, and I hope you'll find what you need. (If you don't, please feel free to contact me in the comments, and tell me what you're looking for. No strings. I'll do things to help a reader.)

With each title, you'll see a blurb preview, to help you decide if it's what you're looking for. Happy shopping:

#1. School Supplies & the ADHD Student

Attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD) are generally diagnosed using a checklist of symptoms. One of those symptoms is often losing materials necessary for a task - like school supplies or textbooks. While some people may think that hyperactivity is the most obvious sign that a child has ADHD, for our daughter the first sign that all was not well at school was definitely that she constantly lost or forgot things. Read the rest here.

#2 Back to School: Eco-Friendly Pens, Pencils, Markers and Crayons

Back to school is right around the corner and it's time to start thinking about school supplies such as pens, pencils, markers and crayons. This year, look for eco-friendly items for your kids instead of the traditional supplies. Many benefits are associated with buying earth-friendly items but the main one is that you're supporting green living. Read the rest here.

#3 Where to go for homeschooling curriculum and supplies

First of all, congratulations for considering homeschooling! Now comes the difficult part: finding curricula and supplies that work for you and your child/children.

One of the best ways to find out about the array of materials available to you is by attending a homeschool curriculum fair. MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators) puts on an annual 3 to 4 day curriculum fair which attracts many national homeschool publishers. Homeschoolers with used curricula at greatly reduced prices are invited to rent a table and sell their no-longer-needed items. Major distributors also have discounts on their products at the fair. But I also found that the fair made my head swim with all the possibilities. How to narrow down your selection? Read the rest here.


There's really no need for an introduction for this one. Rather than just one article, it's an entire blog on getting ready for back to school. Enjoy.

#5 Plastic-Free School Supplies

Many families are choosing to live a less plastic life. As more information comes to light on the environmental impact of plastic with its inability to biodegrade and the health risks of leaching chemicals and hormone disruptors into our foods, many are just saying "no" to buying more plastic. Read the rest here.

#6 Back to School Anxiety: Tips to Help Your School-Age Child

If your child tells you just before the start of school that he doesn't want to go to school, there's a good chance he's experiencing back to school anxiety. Before you respond with anger or disappointment, you should take some time to find out what's really troubling your student. Read the rest here.

#7 Letters to the Teacher from Students with Special Needs

Back to school season can be an anxious time for any parent, but especially for those of us whose children have special needs due to learning disabilities, ADHD, autism or other conditions. There is a joy at seeing our kids go off on their own to have new adventures and learn new things, but our experiences have taught us there will be challenging moments. For many of us, we would like nothing more than to take that journey with our children so we can be there to lend a hand when they or their teachers need it. Read the rest here especially if you're a teacher..

#8 First Person: A Back to School Wardrobe for Less Than $50

Back to school time is chock full of hidden costs and added stress. From purchasing school supplies, preparing your children for a new year of learning, and getting adjusted to a new teacher, back to school time can certainly be stressful for both parents and kids alike. Add on the fact that many children outgrow their school clothes over summer holidays and you are faced with having to purchase new school clothes as well. Buying your children clothes for back to school doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, I spent less than $50 on my son's school uniforms, including shoes to match.

Introduction to the School Uniform Read the rest here.

#9 Back to School: Prepare for Kindergarten

It's that time again, back to school season. This means it is time to get back to school backpacks, back to school supplies, and get out and started with back to school shopping. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, with a little organization you shall be able to get everything your child will need for school this year. Read the rest here.

#10 Back-to-School Planning and Preparation Tips from a Teacher

Back-to-school clothes may be the fun part, but here are three things you can do ahead of time that will save lots of agonizing at school later. These apply whether you are starting first grade or finishing college this year. Just by being prepared, you will be ahead. Get the jump on school!

1 - Review your math. Read the rest here.

Remember when I said there'd be 10 articles? I sorta fibbed, but not intentionally. I found one more really handy resource for you home-schoolers out there. You'll find it helpful, so I'm sharing one more:

How to Homeschool: Track Elementary Academic Records, Report Cards

When making the decision to homeschool your children, there will be a variety of things you'll need to be aware of. Some of those things include laws, where to find resources and materials, how to plan a schedule and curriculum, and even record-keeping and grading. Elementary record-keeping is often simpler than during high school (and possibly also in grades 6 - 8). This is due to the necessity of transcripts and course credits in higher grade levels. As a veteran homeschool mom, I've tried many record keeping methods.

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