Aug 8, 2011

Some Facebook Fun is Dangerous

So, Facebook fans, do you ever see those little quizzes and status update games where you're asked to answer "fun" questionnaires giving out details of your past? They're usually shared as notes and come from other friends who've done them too. They're often given the subject of "Getting to know you," or other equally creepy titles. The questions are about your elementary school, what street you lived on as a child, and other detailed personal information. They seem innocuous at first.

I'm just not comfortable with them - never have been. When I see these types of questionnaires, I always tell my friends they're not good to do. It's just never made sense to me why anyone would want to freely give out such details as what might get asked during a credit application, or for other security purposes. My well-meaning, fun-loving friends have often told me I'm just "paranoid" for not joining in. I've been told the information asked for isn't useful and won't cause any harm.

Well, call me paranoid all you like. Because now, I only hope I'm paranoid enough. In an AP report, carried on The Washington Times, we find the story of 24-year-old George Bronk of California. He's just been sentenced to four years for his acts of stalking Facebook "friends," and using clues garnered, to take over their...go here for the rest.

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