Sep 29, 2011

Gearing up for April Fool's Day: Give me your ideas

I know it's not even October yet, as of this posting. But I want to start as early as possible on averaging one April Fool's Day suggestion per day, by the time the day arrives. So, I'm starting this up early...way early! Ultimately, it's my goal to reach 1 million readers by April, by simply asking everyone who reads this, to just share it with 2 others, who do the same. That's all. Help me fulfill a dream, without spending a penny, or risking losing a thing.

I'll share a couple ideas of my own, if you'll put one of yours in the comment section, and maybe give this post a share or Stumble. When commenting, a sponsor page will come up. In 5 seconds, you click “skip ad” and the comment form comes up. Give us your best suggestions, pranks, tips or whatever. Readers will come by here forever. So, please use the mouth you type to your momma with, okay? Thanks, from all of us.

Two pranks you can play on your best friends April Fool's Day:

1. This one takes friends. If you have a half-dozen or so, get them all together, along with the uninformed subject of the joke together in any one setting and ask the subject:

“Q: How many pancakes does it take to build a doghouse?” Your fellow conspirators start giggling, as does the subject. That's all part of it, even though the subject has no Earthly idea what is so damn funny.

They'll likely reply, something like: “I don't know. How many?”

“A: Six! You know why?! Because ICE CREAM HAS NO BONES! Like it's just the funniest danged old joke you could've ever told! At this point, your fellow conspirators laugh like it is too. Even have one or two of them laugh so hard they snort. The aim of the joke is for the subject to find themselves in a situation where they don't want to be the only person who doesn't get, what is impossible to get. It makes no damn sense, but nobody wants to be the one dummy who doesn't get it and therefore, can't keep up.

The funnier everybody responds to the joke as being, the harder our subject will try to laugh to “get it” as much as all the others do. The harder they try to fake laugh, the funnier it is, for real-real, for you and your fellow evil minions. The funnier it is for you all, the harder you'll laugh back, and the harder even more, our subject will try to keep up. All the while, not understanding what what in blazes was so funny, about such a pointless, stupid, non-sensical joke. The pain of their confusion is the aim of this joke. Only the rarest, most-precious sort of a person will be able to stand there and say, “Whiskey tango foxtrot?” I all but guarantee you a good gut-aching laugh for you and a lot of your co-workers or other pals.

2. My next gag tip only takes one other very good friend/conspirator, along with a subject (or 20) and it's a mind-bender. You'll laugh til you wanna puke: It will require some private rehearsal. It's more of a “performing art.”

One of the two actors gets the subject(s) to ask the other actor “How fast can your sister roller-skate?” Actor number 2 is very hurt, asking “Who told you to say that?” Use tears, be devastated. Actually sit down, on the floor, regardless of where you are-work-home-the park-the store. Sit there. Be upset and quiet for thirty seconds, other than asking who told them to ask them that, until they tell you. They me. Tell them ultimately, “My sister has no legs.” Say it in pain.

At that point, actor number 1 comes back into the scene (actor 2 uses a “You!” on sight), and a cruel, fake fight should break out after a scene of one person finding another person's pain funny. If you're doing this right, the subject(s) should actually hate actor 1 by now. Actors 1 and 2 should actually get into a physical scuffle, which doesn't stop no matter what, until both actors break out in laughter, and greet each other as if they're old friends. Subject(s) should be in tears by now, over the thought of so much cruelty and pain. Once subject(s) see(s) both actors are actually friends, both will be graduated to “Grade A Jackasses” in everyone's book, for around three months. Expect verbal derision, if it's done correctly, with an honest performance.

Okay. So there's two of my best April Fool's Day prank suggestions. I recommend them, for real. So, please remember to drop down to the comment link, “Skip ad” in 5 seconds, and leave your best April Fool's Day prank ideas for us all to read. It's my sincerest hope you and your buddies enjoy these and that you all have a fantastic and safe April Fool's Day this year and every other too. Leave me your prank suggestions! Dangit! :D I wanna average one a day by April Fool's Day! Help me out. At least Stumble this.

2 Whaddya Think?:

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, you're evil! LOVE IT!

If it's someone I really don't like, I've flushed half a washcloth down their toilet before.

D said...

Destruction of property is both wrong and illegal. Do not do anything harmful on April Fool's Day.

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