Oct 8, 2011

Fox News again pretends to be surprised over Ron Paul's latest straw poll victory

COMMENTARY | Congressman Ron Paul, the Republican presidential candidate from Texas, has won yet another straw poll, this time with 37% of the votes. Still, in spite of winning the Values Voter Summit Straw Poll in Washington, the main-stream media behaves as if the very idea of a political candidate strong on Constitutional principles – and even stronger on peace – is some sort of an aberration of thought. The strangest of the media outlets to behave as if Dr. Paul were some sort of freak-of-nature is Fox News. (FOX NEWS! Dammit! Aren't they supposed to be all about American Liberty and offering a counter-view to big-government freaks like Obama and Pelosi and Reid?)

In the election update from Fox News, correspondent Doug McKelway claims to be “shell-shocked” over the beloved doctor's response amongst attendees. In one of his statements, McKelway says “The other big surprise here is that Ron Paul the Libertarian – the live-and-let-live Libertarian – comes out on top amongst a group of very Conservative Republicans.” What is this with so many in the media treating Congressman Ron Paul as if the American people have no reason to want a return to basic Constitutional principles? Is the document not the law-of-the-land?

Since when is a “live-and-let-live” personality freakish? Are we so used to the idea of having psychopathy at the helm of our country that the mere thought of having one honest, sincere candidate a shock? It seems we Americans are suffering from something resembling Stockholm Syndrome, and defend those whose only interests are for more power, more taxes and less for anyone else. We're so conditioned to sacrifice everything in our lives for the good of the state, we've forgotten how to be a free people who enjoy an unprecedented level of individual liberty.

So many candidates who claim to be “Conservative” are nothing more than statist parasites wrapped in a flag, just like their Democrat cousins. While they claim to be all about freedom, liberty and other basic American principles, they're really only hoping to enjoy the kick-backs paid to them by the industrial-military complex, in the event they can out-lie the other psychopaths on the field to get the job.

Bear in mind, this straw poll is only voted on by Republicans. Were this poll also voted on by statist “Democrats” we'd likely see a lot more support for the Christian-pandering Perry or for Mitt Romney. Millions and millions of us want no more-of-the-same from tax-and-spend-other-people's-money-to-buy-votes types of politicians. People have had enough. Sure, Ron Paul still has his flaws. But give the guy credit. He's sincere and honest. He's not afraid of being seen as human, and as a Congressman he has the understanding of how government works. He's also held a real job, unlike the current Usurper-in-Chief.

Those of us who support Ron Paul need to keep the pressure – and our support – up for the man. For the corporate media to try to pretend like Ron Paul isn't electable, is an insult to everyone in the country who believes the government has grown too big for our good. Here's to Congressman Ron Paul and to putting government back in its place in 2012.

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