Oct 13, 2011

I'm reaching out to 5,000 fans of a friend. Join me

A buddy of mine offered to share my blog with his 5,000 Fb friends, in return for sharing his ebook link for free. Seemed like a fair enough deal, so here's where my buddy is giving away, absolutely free, an interesting topic to any website owner, to say the least.


It's quite the read if the need to bring thousands of visitors to your website is a big concern. Of course, who would put up a site without wanting to get thousands and thousands of visitors? Millions? Why not?

While his ideas sound solid, of course, I'm only now deciding on my approach to using what I have here. At this time, this blog is showing 217 unique (Within a day) visitors. That's a far cry from a million live, unique (per 24 hours), US/UK/CA/AU/NZ/JP/NL/Iceland visitors. There's only really one way to reach those numbers: Each visitor only help me find two or three other visitors, who would do the same, apiece. If each reader would only share us on any social networking platforms they could, in the next half hour after coming to see us, We'd reach a million visitors within a single day! Could you help me to do that?

Anyway, here's the friend's link, again. Good luck in life. Work hard.

Come visit me on DonPennington.info.

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