Oct 26, 2011

Google+ is Already Being Ruined by Multi-Level-Marketing Scams

It didn't take long for what I knew wouldn't be any surprise. In fact, I was waiting for it any day now. They have arrived – the Multi-Level-Marketing fraudsters on Google+. I'm not saying Google is pulling anything. It's those suckers who have some “Wonderful New Exciting Business Opportunity Never Seen Before All Over Again,” bullsh*t to push.

These folks all but ruined MySpace. They've added significantly to the annoyance factor on Facebook. Now, before it even really takes off, they're waiting like hungry vultures on Google+ already. Dammit. People like these folks who head these rip-off operations make a mockery of real business and they murder dreams for those who would like to build their own financial freedom.

Before I get too far into this post, I want to point out that I'm not anti-business. I'm anti-scam. Having been burned more times than I can count with false promises and pie-in-the-sky garbage, all for a paltry monthly fee, I was really hoping to just avoid these morons. Please go peddle your crap somewhere else besides Google+.

To be clear: When it comes to folks working with a legitimate business,I'm cool with that. One of my friends makes her own all-natural lotions and soaps. She's welcome. I do support small business. I even support big business. If you're hoping to promote your website, I'm all yours. If you're just wanting to spread the word letting folks know you've some ad-space for sell in your on-or-offline publication, then be my guest. My wall/home-page/circle is yours.

But those of you in Amway, Melaleuca, Herbalife or any other of the hundreds and hundreds of parasite con artist businesses out there, I don't care if your MLM vitamins, lotions or potions are supposed to be the niftiest thing since the discovery of cheese and wine. It doesn't matter to me if your 1000-level-payout-double-helix-forced-binary-matrix online advertising “business” is ran by an expert team of industry experts (translation: Ballsy con artists from Russia) who've been around since before the Internet was even a glimmer in DARPA's eye.

Your name is not “I've Been Paid Twice Already.” Nor is it “The Amazing Tripler.” If all you're about is your so-called “income opportunity,” and you don't even have the good sense or the decency to at least use a human name – hell a dog name would be better – please, please, please just go straight to hell. Don't add me to your circles on Google+. I didn't welcome your junk on MySpace. I've vehemently reported you for spam on Facebook. You're not going to enjoy any more progress with me on Google+, @$$holes. I will be the worst prospect you've ever come across. Also, dear readers, feel free to share your story of how you've been burned by rip-offs.
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