Jan 6, 2012

Bobby Joe Rogers -- Latest Arrest in Long Line of Senseless Abortion Clinic Violence

COMMENTARY | In response to another act of ridiculous and pointless violence, federal authorities have charged one Bobby Joe Rogers, 41, with violating federal explosives laws for allegedly setting fire to a Pensacola abortion clinic on January 1, as reported on The Washington Post's website. It seems for some folks, there's just no better way to start the new year out than with some unnecessary act of violence.

Luckily for Bobby Joe Rogers, nobody was reported injured in this latest cowardly act of violence, still, the news report states he could be facing up to 20 years in prison for his actions if convicted. In addition to this fire and daily protests by people carrying bibles and crosses at the clinic, this particular location - known as "The Ladies Center" - has been the center of attention for one or more groups of Christian extremists in Pensacola for decades now, according to an Associated Press report issued today.

In spite of decades of violence - mostly involving arson, explosives and butyric acid attacks - access to abortions for women is an issue which no group of extremists has a right to stop. While there are some elements of American society who believe themselves doing "the Lord's work" in committing these acts, what they're attempting to stop is the safe and affordable abortion procedures which have been legal in the United States since 1973.

Some evangelicals who've managed to catch the public eye on the topic have made vague references to the "personhood" of an unborn fetus, but what never seems to get mentioned is there are no commandments (laws) in the Judeo-Christian bible restricting the termination of a pregnancy. Let's go so far as to put it bluntly to those considering an attack on any client or employee of an abortion clinic anywhere claiming the Biblical law as their reference - the Bible does not recognize the fetus.

In Numbers 3:15, God is said to have ordered a census where pregnant women were not considered two people. Numbers chapter 5 contains the "law of jealousy," where a husband suspecting his wife of infidelity can force her to drink an abortifacient known as "bitter water." With the Bible not condemning abortion - Genesis 38 and Hosea 13:16 even threatening the deaths of unborn children - why are modern American extremists being so violent to stop legal abortions?

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