Jan 12, 2012

Confessions of a smooch-a-holic

I confess. I'm a smooch addict. I love smooches. Can't get enough of them. I gotta have at least one a day. If my girlie ever stopped giving me a smooch every day, I'd probably go back to giving smooches to strangers just to fill my need.

There's nothing to be ashamed of for loving smooches. Everybody needs them. The only people who think they don't are those who aren't getting any. And once they do, they'll remember how good they are. So, in case you think you're not a smooch addict like me, go give someone a smooch and see just how happy they make you. Go on. Do it. Give your own mom a smooch if you must. Give anyone a smooch. I'm game! Get over here. SMOOOOOCH!

Smooches are the secret to world peace. How in the world could we go around killing potential smoochers to smooch? Smooches are how we should seal contracts too. The next time you make a deal or a bet or any sort of contract, instead of shaking their hand, give 'em a smooch! Imagine how great a world this would be if we each gave others more smooches. Just imagine!

I hope my message gave you a smile. I hope it helps remind you to give a smooch to those you love today. If you don't have anyone to give a smooch to, show them this and by the time they get to this line, you'll have your daily smooch no doubt. Everybody needs a smooch, so go get yours. Like other good things, smooches need to be given as much as they need to be received.

Remember to leave me a "howdy" in the comment section, so I know you stopped by. Okay? Have a wonderful day. (Give me a stumble or a tweet or a share and help me spread the message of more smooching!)

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