Jan 13, 2012

Have We Been Unfair to President Obama? Exposing Three Myths

Here we are in yet another election cycle. With November 2012 coming sooner than we'll really be ready for, we're going to have to once again choose who holds the Oval Office and the nuclear codes. So far, the incumbent President Obama has had the position and in spite of what many may claim, he hasn't done too terrible of a job.

I don't believe in much in life, but I do believe in being fair. And, if President Obama isn't re-elected on the basis of the issues, that's fine. I don't believe in re-electing anybody, really anyway. Still, even though I've done what I can to support my guy Ron Paul, I think we Americans should consider the job President Obama's actually done so far.

I've heard three major complaints from those who don't like the president, and at one time I bought into them too, until I started looking into the stories myself. Those three topics which wrankle the most cankles of the Tea Party movement in the US are: Obama's “apology tour” in his early presidency, military spending and of course, jobs. Let's look at them, shall we?

President Obama myth number 1) Obama went on an apology tour when he first became president. - This just doesn't pan out. According to Washington Post's Fact Checker blog, as a new president, Barack Obama was expected to travel the world and meet with heads of state of other nations, so it wasn't an “apology tour,” but simple diplomacy. As well, any quotes used against him were taken out of their original context.

President Obama myth number 2) Obama cut military spending and weakened Americn defenses. - This one is blatantly wrong. Anyone making this claim (Mitt Romney) needs to be aware that military spending is – in fact – public knowledge and therefore easily checked. Herp Derp.

According to U.S News and World Report, not only has military spending not been cut, under President Obama, it's gone up – significantly! In 2008 the Pentagon spent $594 billion then $666 billion. And in 2011, it was $739 billion! If you can convince me the increases are a cut, I'll eat my nacho hat.

President Obama myth number 3) Jobs - Holy crap, where do I begin? This might upset some folks, but when President Obama first took office, he actually was straddled with the after-effects of former President Bush. Just because he had taken the Oath of Office didn't mean there were any policies in place yet. Again, according to the previously referenced U.S. News and World Report article, the president has ended up creating an estimated 3 million private sector jobs over the last 22 consecutive months. (Actually, the businesses doing the hiring are the job creators. But that's a fine point which seems to confuse some folks so I'll just play with the same terminology folks are used to.)

Granted, all of those jobs aren't the type which might feed a family and fund the dreams of an Ivy League education, but when times are tough, even a part-time job can make all the difference. The jobs are there. Corporations are turning profits under President Obama. The economy is recovering. Granted, I might've done it differently, myself. But it seems like America is almost working again.

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