Mar 10, 2012

Support the little guy! Come join a great social network!

Anyone with a blog or website to promote should check these folks out! They've paid me three times already! (Not much yet. But they keep their promises.) But it's more than just advertising. Advertising is boring.

MatesGate offers a wide range of fun activities from chat to free online television to blogging to meeting new people across the pond (let's make this big in the US too) to games plus much more.

They also pay their members according to how much the site gets used. The admin is a friendly guy. The other members are decent. Every once in a while someone tries to be "spammy" and they're handled. This site's treated me better than Facebook has.

I could try to tell you everything I like about this site but I'm just too dang lazy. Besides, you'll really just have to try it for yourself to see. The things I like might not be your cup of tea. But I'd bet you'll find something there worth joining for. It's all free.

Come check out MatesGate!

Come visit me on my Yahoo! page.

2 Whaddya Think?:

Adelle said...

Hi I clicked your Matesgate link and it took me to RedGage. I don't know what either site is so, I wasn't sure I was directed to the appropriate site and didn't sign up. If you could let me know the correct link, I would like to check it out. Thanks.

D said...

Hi. Thanks. Going to Redgage,just click on the link for Matesgate. Thanks. :D

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