Oct 2, 2012

Finally! Debunking the Building 7 Claims of 9 – 11 Conspiracy Theorists ~ Evidence!

I'm touching on a topic I don't want to. I'm talking to the thousands of remaining “conspiracy theorists” who think they believe the attacks of 9-11 to be an “inside job.” Yes, dear future grandchildren, there were those who thought we did the 9-11 attacks to ourselves, in order to give the current U.S. government more power on a federal level.

(Well, in some ways, it did, just not for the reasons so many thought. So many people chased down the wrong rabbit hole.)

Anyways. The biggest claim yet remaining among most 9-11 conspiracy adherents has been and up until now, remained the hardest question to satisfy. The claim has been that burning debris from both buildings 1 and 2 set it on fire. After burning for hours the main support column finally gave way and the building came down.

Most followers of these nearly-popular “theories” Is a view from approximately North by Northwest of the Northwest corner of the building, and upon it, stake most claims. How many have ever seen the South side of the building? Have you seen images of the burning smoke on the South side? Can you imagine the heat, the intensity and the destruction from a mostly synthetics and petroleum products fire burning so long?

Does this Southern view look "unscathed" to you? Didn't think so. Now,  please shut up.

Steel doesn't need to be melted to lose its temper. Those carbon atoms can be lost with only sufficient heat. And it certainly doesn't need to be the entirety of the steel either. The World Trade Center buildings were not built as if they were old-style buildings. Engineers were trying something new. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to guess the engineers just never considered such a scenario.

Anyhoo. For those not satisfied with the public domain image from Wikipedia (Here's the link foryourself) then please, watch the video below to see the reason building 7 fell. Finally, some evidence to relieve the concerns of the more reasonable, rational folks who follow the 9-11 conspiracy theory crowd. The only hangers-on at this point will be those unwilling or unable to accept hard facts, or those with a book, t-shirt or video to sell you.

If the video isn't loading, or in case anyone wants to see the link on the Daily Mail from which I obtained the video, please visit here. (Hit the "x" in the upper-right-hand corner after 5 seconds to see the article.)

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