Oct 21, 2012

Want to have some fun? Try a game of Uprising Empires! They'll even tutor you on how to play!

Need a little fun and pizazz in your online life? Are you ever going to love this game! It's called
UprisingEmpires” and not only is it free to play, the brilliant minds behind the game (Targa Limited, NOT Zynga!) will help you learn how to play it with a quick 10-step tutorial! UprisingEmpires is one of the fastest-growing games on the interwebs thingies for a reason: It's a whole lotta fun!

The theme behind the game is you're leading a small, ancient Roman village. You ensure your village has the resources needed to survive,of course. But the REAL FUN begins when you go up against other villages in raids to win resources, treasure and prisoners in combat. All in good fun.

Players from all English-speaking countries are welcome to join in on the fun and your computer will not be bogged down from playing (unlike other companies which shall remain nameless here, unless you look up a paragraph or so.). As mentioned before, there is no fee to join and play UprisingEmpires.

Registration is quick, easy and you can even register via your Facebook profile with just one click. There's no download required to play UprisingEmpires. And you'll have plenty of other players to go up against for fun!

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