May 19, 2013

Amateur Photography; Barns Around Georgetown, Kentucky

A fellow Bubbler once asked me to grab a few shots of some barns for her. Well, since I'm in Kentucky, there's no better chance to do just that.

The farms around here are amazing, although many of them no longer have what we might call a “barn” but rather, a metal building.

According to what a couple of these old horse farmers (horse ranchers?) around here tell me, the traditional wooden barn is now an endangered species. Most modern horse farms replace old barns with metal buildings and sell the barn-wood to artisans, furniture makers and flooring companies.

So, I guess grabbing a few shots of these old...go here for the rest and some more great pictures.
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Pain management an issue?

2 Whaddya Think?:

Mac Pike said...

See if you can find a garden shed for uncle mac...

Mac Pike said...

See if you can find a garden shed for uncle mac...

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