May 19, 2013

Today Is The Day I Must Leave; The Four Reasons

*UPDATE* In spite of my having just posted this earlier, I've encountered a delay. I will be taking off in the morning.

I must make it back up North to take care of some business for myself and for my four children. As much as I hate leaving Louisiana and Janet, I must go on the road for a good length of time. There are – for those of us fortunate enough to really live – sometimes more than it seems we can even do. But do it, we must.

Going from this world and back into that world is not easy. It is hard, lonely, sleepless work. But I have the best of four reasons to do it. I'm a fortunate man and I know it. Besides, I have nothing to fear. I am very well protected and very deeply...For the rest, go here.

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Pain management an issue?

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