Mar 17, 2014

My Next Great Long-Term Bubblews Experiment; Buying a Car

Here's an idea I know of already, but needed to be reminded of, by my Aunt &mysgeek . My Bubbles and/or other blog posts should benefit of it, my readers will benefit of it , ergo my bank balance should benefit of it too, to such an extent, Bubblews buys me a car.

It's do-able. We're only talking a grand or so, here. I'm a cheap date.

So beneficial is it, I'm aiming to buy said car with my Bubblews earnings, within just 3 months (13 weeks)! I think I'm even going to just have &Arvind “Buy Me This, in regards to a car. I'll want the evidence and who can't forget being mentioned someday, right?

Then, it would be “official.” Bubblews will have bought me a car. OOOooOOOOO I'm picturing a rich green car. Something gas-miserly. I will also have proof for my experiment too.

How's this experiment going to work, you say? What will I do to make my future posts so much more valuable, you ask? I'll tell you.

I posit, a brain will increase their earnings-per-post averages if they' the rest here.

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