Aug 30, 2011

Actually, Ron Paul could win. That's what scares the establishment

At just over 76 years old, and after both a long career as a congressman from Texas and as a medical doctor, Ron Paul is making the news a bit more than the establishment wants him to. Scratch that. Congressman Ron Paul is making a lot more news than the establishment wants him to. What is it about him, that the main-stream media is so afraid to point out his popularity among voters?

I have a few theories. But first, I want to point out a few things out about the guy. In a Yahoo News piece I published on Ron Paul, readers can follow a link to a survey published by Fox News which shows the tremendous popularity of the man after the Republican debates just prior to the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa. Although the results of the survey indicate a clear majority of respondents chose Ron Paul as the winner, Fox News pulled the link to the results from their homepage.

At the subsequent Ames Straw Poll, the nuttier-than thou Michelle Bachmann won, but only by a very tiny margin over the Congressman from Texas, and she had to give out more tickets to the event than he did, to win it. With all of her efforts to get the target of 6,000 votes, she still only managed to win it by 152 votes. (Kudos to the LA Times for telling it like it happened, too. That's more than can be said by “Conservative” Fox News.) Power-mad Barbie paid more per vote than the good doctor.

On August 20th, 2011, The Hampton-NorthHampton Patch reported Ron Paul the winner of the New Hampshire Straw Poll, and barely a peep came out of the main stream media about it. He didn't just win it by some slight margin either. He took a commanding 45% of the votes, in front of all eleven other candidates!

His popularity is growing, and not just in the number of disruptions of public events by irrelevant Paulbots, as claimed by some guy named Eric on The Washington times last February. Why are members of the media working so desperately to ignore the man, if he's as irrelevant as a few of them claim?

Ron Paul threatens the power-base of the current system and the media itself. The popular, national news agencies and our federal government have worked long and hard over the years to establish their little daisy-chain arrangement. The press corps says what our bureaucrats want them to, and in return the bureaucrats let the press say what the bureaucrats want them to. What a sweet arrangement, huh.

With a president like Ron Paul, and his simple plan of a return to Constitutional principles, limited government, and a rejection of the cradle-to-grave provision for the parasite class by the government, he just wouldn't make enough news to justify reading/watching/listening to talking heads. Bad news, crisis and drama sells newspapers, not common sense. With as little of an agenda as possible, we might even have a rather boring presidency.

Ron Paul plans to eliminate the I.R.S. And to end the drug war. My goodness. With as much money as bureaucrats make off of those two institutions, there's now way the media can avoid being pressured into trying to ignore Ron Paul. Every crooked cop, every lawyer and every single political fat-bag in the country who derives their unearned income and undeserved power from the average American's propensity to be scared silly sees the man as a threat. We can only expect every shady interest in the country will do everything they can to blackout Ron Paul and his third run for the presidency of the Unites States in 2012.

And they will succeed too. They'll rig the game. They'll make sure to tell the major media (as sponsors, of course) exactly who we the people should be focusing on, as our best candidate for President. The press will paint a bad image of a good man. We'll see more stories of “Muslim threats,” the drug war, and the obvious need for more and more and more social welfare systems. They'll succeed in keeping the dumb-as-hell average American fooled. That is, unless his supporters make all the noise in his favor that we can. The powers-that-be in America today might own every last “journalist” in the nation. But they don't own us. Ron Paul 2012.

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