Sep 27, 2011

That's enough of Blogsvertise for me: A company review

Many of you bloggers out there have no doubt heard of a company called “Blogsvertise.” I'm also fairly sure many of you have had wonderful experiences with them too. Just, not me. I've had issues from day one with how the staff is unresponsive to my questions, how they simply do not respond to my requests for help in my short experience with them.

I'm not going to try and discourage anyone from dealing with them. If you're the sort of website owner who needs to buy your back-links, they may very well be the best price out there for that sort of thing. If you're a blogger who's hoping to make an extra few (by “few” I mean $10, $20 or more) dollars a month for a minimal amount of work, again, these folks may be just what you need. But, I will not let myself be kicked in the teeth repeatedly. I don't really care WHO you claim to be.

The end of my relationship with Blogsvertise began as just another two rejected assignments. Usually, I read the feedback, edit accordingly and then re-submit. That's what I do with any site I write for. In these cases, the only feedback I saw was “PR1 blog or higher only.” Which led me to ask myself “Self, why did they send you these assignments if they wanted PR1 or higher blogs only?” It just wasn't making sense. Per normal with these folks. Besides that, my blog HAS a page rank of 1 and did at the time. No sense at all.

The first few questions I sent them were, as was typical for my personal experience, unanswered. Then, I began getting requests to log-in and either accept or reject the assignment(s). On logging in, I see a different reason for their various rejections, than I saw in their feedback messages to me.

Whenever I've communicated with the staff at this company, I get a different answer each time. Each time...different person...whole different set of rules...completely different answers. This entire company, and their handling of me seemed-to me anyway-about as consistent as un-congealed Jell-O®.

But what really served as the straw that broke the camel's back was a false accusation on the part of one employee. I have absolutely zero respect for anyone who makes a false accusation, in an effort to avoid accepting their own responsibility in f*cking up every single thing they ever touch. Without sharing every single communication I've ever had with someone from Blogsvertise, here's our latest couple of exchanges:

(Oh, BTW, really. Don't let my complaint about this company's treatment of me dissuade you from giving them a try. See for yourself what they're like. Maybe my complaint could very well make them aware of an existing problem and lead them to solving it. Heck, you might have a WONDERFUL experience with them. Just not me. I've found them to be woefully inadequate. And now, they resort to blatantly false accusations, rather than dealing squarely with grown-ups who have no time for silly bullshit. But you go right ahead. Give them a try for yourself.)

From: ""
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 4:40 PM
Subject: hello from XXX at blogsvertise
Hi Donald -
Just checking in with you on your account. We have some blog ad tasks assigned to you at your blog and did not hear back from you yet. In some cases our advertisers picked you specificly (sic) because they were impressed by your blog. If you could please signon (sic) here and either Accept or Decline (sic) your pending offers, I would really appreciate it.

Re: hello from XXX at blogsvertise

(Me, silly)
Monday, September 26, 2011 10:40 PM

You know what I'd really appreciate? Not being declined for having done exactly what the sponsor requested. I put the exact link in which I was asked to do. I used the keywords. And I still got declined. When I've encountered this in the past, I get a different answer to the same question, depending upon whom I ask.

Now that the post is up, the advertiser is getting a freebie from me. If I take it down, only to get all this resolved, I'll get declined for a repeat post, upon putting it back up. I have had the last two posts rejected for my blog not being PR1 or higher. If you folks want a PR1 or higher blog, 1) Why in hell did you send me this assignment? 2) I didn't see anything about the PR1 requirement when it was first sent to me.

If there's some other reason for which I get such a high rejection percentage, I'd really appreciate (and respect) being told what your company's REAL problem is with me. Can somebody there please "man up" and just tell me what their issue is with me? Because either this is something personal with me, y'all have no clue what you're doing or perhaps you're up to something.

Either way, spit it out. Because I am sick and tired of having my irreplaceable time wasted by your ineptitude. This message, and your reply is going on my blog, even if you should choose to make no comment. I'm no longer asking you folks to treat me professionally. I'm insisting on it. These silly games are for the birds.

So, in a desperate attempt to play all this like they're sooooooo innocent and wonderful and I am, in fact, the asshat in all of this, I get this reply from the previous agent's boss, or mother or something. LOL! The italicized parts in parenthesis are additional feedback I would've told New-Asshat-To-Deal-With, were she physically present. In fact, this one would've found me extremely argumentative. You'll see why in just a minute.
From: Brand-New-Asshat-To-Deal-With
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 10:37 AM
Subject: Recent Blogsvertise Rejections

I have been forwarded an email that you had originally sent to XXX. I'd
like to address your issues as clearly and specifically (Hey! She spelled “specifically" right! Congratulations!) as possible.

Upon checking your recent account activity, I am assuming that the posts
you are most recently referring to are for (client name #1) and (client name #2 No need to drag them into this, right?). I've found the respective entries you wrote for these advertisers on your blog and to be blunt they are both, in fact, done incorrectly/not according to the task notes. For both of these tasks,
the advertiser has specified link #1 as being a URL-based link. It is very clearly stated in the instructions what is meant by "URL-based link". Unfortunately, you did not include the URL-based link ordered in EITHER entry. (Yes I did you prattling moron.) Also for both entries, it gives instructions for TWO links; you've included more than two links in each of the entries. Moreover, some of the keyword/link combinations you used are not even in the task notes. Finally, your links do not direct to the advertiser's pages because they include the suffix "(another advertising program which doesn't deserve mud on their suit from standing too close to these lovely folks)" before the advertiser's actual URL.

These are the best suggestions anyone here can give you for future assignments: read task notes VERY carefully, as every advertiser in our system has different requirements; click and verify EACH link before submitting to ensure they are working correctly. (Great. Thanks Captain Obvious. I do that already. While it's true each advertiser has different terms, it's also true that you folks are incapable of training your employees. You forgot that part.)

Just so you know, neither of these entries were even rejected because of the Page Rank requirement; (That's not what the feedback said. It read “PR1 or higher only,” and nothing more.) in fact, your blog DOES meet the Page Rank requirement. Clearly, the order manager simply copied and pasted the original task notes as the rejection hoping that you would reread them, and this time more carefully. (Big, fat, Goddamn lie, right there.I saw no other feedback, anywhere. And I looked!) And I can assure you that these campaigns have each been running for quite a while (irrelevant) and the task notes have not changed in a very long time; the Page Rank requirement was always there. (AND, apparently that's all that's there, until you need to make another BS claim to cover your ass. LOL!)

(...and here's where new Asshat-To-Deal-With begins to over-answer herself, because she's full of crap, she knows it and therefore over-compensates in an effort to sound like she makes sense.) Also for future reference, the reason that we do put the Page Rank requirement in the task notes is so that bloggers that do not meet the Page Rank requirement do not waste their time writing for that particular advertiser. (Not really what I was even asking you about. But you're not the first to try using non-sequitur... Try including the other information you falsely claim to send out, too, Asshat.) Google updates Page Rank as infrequently as every 3 months and as frequently as every 3 days; there is no way our system can update 100,000 bloggers' Page Ranks every single day, as this would make our server run MUCH slower for you AND I. The Page Rank reminder is a courtesy to our bloggers, who frankly should be taking the task notes very seriously and reading them very carefully. (Not really sure what any of the rest of this has to do with the price of tea in China. But apparently, she wants self-vindication.)

If you truly believe somebody here has a personal vendetta against you, I'm sorry to say you are absolutely mistaken. (I love it when folks use terms like “absolutely” and “literally,” in an attempt to drive a point home. LOVE IT!)

(And here's my ABSOLUTELY favorite part!) However, you have made direct threats to Blogsvertise employees in the past and it will not be tolerated. (You goddamn liar! Now, I'm angry.)

Re: Recent Blogsvertise Rejections
(Me again. Boo!)
Brand New Asshat-to-Deal-With
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 11:21 AM

WHAT DIRECT THREATS HAVE I MADE, ASSHAT (Not her real name and not how I addressed her, BTW.)?

That is pure crap.

If you don't want my blog in your service, man up and say so.

But, don't you dare make a false accusation against me of making direct threats to anyone.

THAT is OBVIOUSLY not true. You take that back. I have NO respect for the type of mentality which resorts to false accusations rather than repairing flaws within their own system. Shame on you for that kind of mental weakness on your part.

How dare you try to attack my reputation, just because of your unwillingness/inability to operate what should be a simple, effective system.

As for your saying I've done the blog entries incorrectly, fine. I get a different answer every single time I talk to anyone. No surprise there.

Your team, as well as your pathetic management skills don't exactly personify "competency." Your system is also very difficult to navigate and not very user-friendly, at all.

But if you're going to lie and accuse me of making "direct threats to Blogsvertise employees in the past," then you have resorted to one of the lowest, pettiest and weakest strategies anyone could try for. There are fast-food workers out there with more professionalism than you. What in hell has inspired you to be so pathetic?

In fact, YOU are the one making a threat to me. YOU are the one who will not be tolerated. So, don't even bother to try and take your BLATANT LIE back.

The only threat you face from me is my putting this discussion up on my blog.

Just pay me for the tasks you already owe me for, at their appropriate time-frame, and then we shall part company. I do not associate with the sorts who resort to lies and false accusations. There are far too many decent people in this world to deal with, than to settle for the lack of professionalism, courtesy or even basic competency which your company representatives have demonstrated repeatedly.


I guess New-Asshat-To-Deal-With wasn't very pleased with my response, so she sent this message to me:

From: New-Asshat-To-Deal-With
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 11:56 AM
Subject: Re: Recent Blogsvertise Rejections

I'm not quite sure why you are continuing to tell me to "man up" and
admit to some personal grudge that myself or another Blogsvertise
employee has against you. No such grudge exists.

You HAVE used derogatory language to a colleague of mine in the past
who, like you, took the attack very personally and was rendered very
upset by your words.

The reason you've heard different answers each and every time you've
inquired about a task is because, as I said in my previous email, EACH
and EVERY advertiser, and even each and every ORDER that an advertiser
places, is different. This is precisely why EACH and EVERY task is
accompanied by a set of unique task notes which you, as a paid blogger,
are required to read and adhere to. (That doesn't explain why I heard conflicting information from different agents on the SAME assignments. But, why confuse this girlie with facts? Her mind is made up. Right?)

Expect a call from a manager regarding how we plan to move forward with
your account.

(Yeah! Uhhh...I don't think so! What part of "YOU are the one who will not be tolerated" does she not understand? So I replied:)

Re: Recent Blogsvertise Rejections


Me, again



Tuesday, September 27, 2011 1:24 PM

"Derogatory language" and "direct threat" each have different definitions.

I don't need the phone call. You made a false accusation. So, I know where I'm going.

She just tried calling. I told her what I thought.

You are a sad sack of crap. That's not a threat. That's a derogatory remark, in case you don't know your English.

4 Whaddya Think?:

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for saying it.

Soulja said...

That seems unfair!

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people are getting unhappy with Blogsvertise. Not only do they have to wait a month to get the little bit of pay, but now they are going way over on payments. We are talking an extra week or two without responses to emails.

There has been major problems with them rejecting posts for no reasons. Based on how long it's taking them to pay now, I wonder if they aren't having financial problems.

Alicia Figueroa said...

Wow, I'm glad that I decided they weren't going to work for me. It seems like every time I try to put ads on my site, my page takes forever to load. I don't want to lose readers over an ad, so I end up taking them off. There is probably something wrong with my website, who knows... but anyhow, that's the only reason I decided not to get involved with them. I put up a filter ad, it only loaded twice before my page went bad because of it, and I decided Blogsvertise wasn't for me. Now that I've read this I'm really glad that I'm not using them!


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